Land Conservation Legal Advocacy and Representation

Preserving open spaces and fighting urban and suburban sprawl can feel like an uphill battle. In spite of your good intentions, determined developers and prohibitive legal costs may cause you to give up on your vision of restoring land to create a beautiful park or wildlife habitat. The Conservation Advocacy and Representation Services Program is here to lend its support.

Our Mission

The Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust provides emergency funding and legal support to preserve open spaces, farm land, historic architecture, natural resources, and to promote smart-growth ideals that foster these land conservation values. We work closely with land trusts, other stewardship organizations, and on our own initiative so that we can act quickly when local resources are not available to preserve important land parcels.

Core Belief

We believe that conservation and preservation of natural and organic spaces is vital to the physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being of individuals and communities and that the human condition and society depend on the ability of every individual to meaningfully and regularly interact with a living landscape. Land conservation, preservation and use of smart-growth principles are the most effective ways to provide this interaction and to ensure its longevity by safeguarding wildlife habitat, scenic views, wetlands, sensitive watershed parcels, forests, farm land, greenways, and other valuable open spaces from development and permanent loss.

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